Mundane Monday #193: group

For Mundane Monday #193, my theme is group. What photograph of a group pleases you, came out the way you wanted, makes you happy? Which composition?

My group is a tree full of robins. They flock across the street at this time of year and fly over to a tree with berries to eat. They clear the tree over a few weeks, from the top down. I like the silhouette effect, yet with some color.

Message or link you entry and I will list them next week.


From last week, my theme was motion.

klallendorfer: motion!

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #193: group

  1. I took a picture like this recently outside a movie theater. It was a group of crows, however, not robins. And I found it more creepy than not, like “The Birds.” (Except I was there to see Aquaman)

  2. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and I’m really behind. I started a post on the theme “Motion” and only just now finished it.

  3. […] From last week, my theme was group. […]

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