door with wreath

For Norm 2.0’s Thursday doors.

Back to north Seattle, from my autoclave trip. We now have the new exam table installed and the first person on it was an 8 month old, which is rather a delight, because most of my patients are over 50.

I like the light in this photograph, with the spots of sun on the roof.

5 thoughts on “door with wreath

  1. I have three end of year wreaths: an orange and black one, which is up now, a harvest leaf one, which will go up in November, and a holly one for Christmas. I also have a straw one with eggs for the Easter season.

  2. Assuming that’s a Christmas wreath, all I can say is, “Much too soon!!!” Hopefully it’s just a lovely non-holiday wreath. :-) I do love Christmas, but not yet.


  3. Norm 2.0 says:

    I’m with you on the light and the brick chimney is almost glowing in the sun as well :-)

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