Mundane Monday 179: without words

For Mundane Monday #179, my prompt is without words.

Let’s see a photograph where the communication is wordless.

Ms. Boa turns 15 as my daughter turned 21. For a cat, that’s approximately in her 70s. She is smaller, has lost muscle mass. She can still catch mice. And she communicates: ok, mom, enough computer for today. Do something else. This was yesterday and I decided she was RIGHT!

Link your blog or send a message and I will list them next week.

From last week Mundane Monday #178 light and dark:

KL Allendorfer: a gorgeous landscape.



4 thoughts on “Mundane Monday 179: without words

  1. Barbara Lindsey says:

    And she is still very beautiful at her great age. My first task of the day is to greet and feed Fluffystuff. She waits patiently for me, and we chat while I prepare her morning feast. I was working out her age while I did so this morning. She is now 17 and doing well

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  3. curioussteph says:

    So very catlike!

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