Mundane Monday #162: blue

I am having trouble posting today, Memorial Day. My mother died May 15, and there is Mother’s Day, and her birthday is May 31: always near Memorial Day. Some years the last two weeks of May are ok, some years are hard. This year is hard. But I don’t mind thinking of her or grieving.

So blue, blue with grief. If you post, it doesn’t have to be grief or a memorial. You could just do blue.

From last weeks challenge: lighting.

K.L.Allendorfer with a light that is not mundane at all, here.

Send your links for daily things that are blue… or if you are blue…. much love on this Memorial Day.

7 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #162: blue

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  2. Colette B says:

    I’ve been MIA too long, didn’t quite realise how many days I missed. Last month was my expected difficult month grieving for my mum but I managed to keep so busy with A to Z that I think it crept up on me somehow this month while it’s my big month of missing my Dad, even though he’s been gone 23 years, my mum only two. You’re right of course, there is joy in remembrance. Best wishes to you, I’ll catch up with my posts soon.

  3. curioussteph says:

    just keep feeling your way through, and hope things ease up. You’ve got your anniversary series with your mother in May, mine comes in late December. Hit 30 years on New Years Eve–still layers to grieve. As intense as ever when they hit, and fortunately considerably less frequent.

  4. I think we’re blogging at the same time ;-) My entry for this week is a fountain under blue sky:

    • drkottaway says:

      I think that’s funny. I am off from work today and grieving. But there is joy in remembrance too.

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