jump, jive, joy

Blogging from A to Z, my theme is happy things. The letter J for jump, jive, joy!

And jitterbug! I am a jitterbug dancer, east coast swing or 6 count swing, and lindyhop, and west coast swing. Salsa, merengue, cajun dance, two step, oh and a few clogging steps, about 6 total. I love to dance and I love the Jump Blues!

I took the photograph this morning: of an old t-shirt. We went to as many dance camps of The Savoy Swings Again as we could. There were two bands and lessons all day and I would have to increase my salt intake to keep my muscles from cramping. Deanna Bogart is still playing. And the Washington Swing Dance Committee still has a page devoted to dance!

On my last trip to the Washington DC area, my daughter said, “Let’s go dancing.” We found the DCdancenet site. We found a contra dance at the Spanish Ballroom, at Glen Echo Park. My son, his girlfriend, my daughter and I all went to the dance. The Spanish Ballroom is where I met their father and living on the west coast, I had not been back for years!

Jump, jive, joy and jitterbug! I am glad that dance is still going on, teaching, live bands and all the joy it brings!


And check this out: the same t-shirt shows up in this video of the Jiving Lindy Hoppers!

4 thoughts on “jump, jive, joy

  1. Colette B says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and then losing myself to the video link you shared and others that followed. You can see how good dance is for human health when you see how aging folk can still dance fast and strong. Amazing. It struck me that while growing up we didn’t get to see such things among older musical movies shown on Saturday daytime TV, maybe because of the extreme acrobatic moves. I was only vaguely aware of the Lindy Hop (as a jazz dance) and had never heard of ‘Jump Blues’ until today. Fab post :)

  2. WSDC dismantled a couple of years ago; but many of the dancers who attended Savoy Swings Again camp are still dancing and spreading the swing love. Many life-long friendships were born there. Thanks for the memory! Janice Saylor

    • drkottaway says:

      I saw that it dismantled, thank you all so much for all your work. I moved away to Oregon in 1993 and am still dancing!

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