Mundane Monday #153: angle

For Mundane Monday 153: unusual angle.

I am traveling and will add more later, access tricky right now! And my photo won’t load….will fix later!

I followed this lovely blue foot creature from the top of the railing, to the side and then underneath.

Add your pingback and I will list them for this theme next week!

Here is Colette’s addition from last week, on the theme chairs and sun:


4 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #153: angle

  1. Colette B says:

    Hope you don’t mind my sharing news update of this challenge at Blogger’s World forum as one or more previous participants are members of that group site. The link there is visible on my challenge post for this week. i probably won’t enter anything new as busy with other things (tho you never know, we’ll see…) and not snapping minded at the moment. Best wishes to you & yours for the holiday weekend. Hope you have a restful time of things. Cheers.

  2. Colette B says:

    I was aware you might be very busy when I stopped by earlier. I can’t remember the previous host’s format and know you’re thinking some things through on this. While it was still Monday at my blog I was posting a ‘Mundane Monday in lieu’ photo taken on the day but ran into Tuesday before publishing. I might do that again (earlier in day) while my post for the prompt would likely show as published on Tuesday. That might or might not help bring one or two extra participants as I included your homepage link when mentioning this challenge. (I don’t have a huge following as I don’t try driving traffic to my personal blogging). My post for this week’s challenge is here: (it’s a photo from January, not a new one as it’s overnight here and not a good time to try snapping pics :) If the challenge is open a few days I might post a new pic for the prompt but it might be from my other blog (same gravatar account). Hope all ok. Sorry if my comment’s too long!

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