bottle joy

For photrablogger’s Mundane Monday: Bottles.

Here is a fabulous use for a bottle, to feed Tictoc and our other hummingbirds. We read and found that the Anna’s hummingbird winters in our area, so she is an Anna’s and we are not messing up migration.

The plastic bit at the top broke in high winds, so I improvised a hanger cage with picture wire. I can gently fold it back to refill the feeder when it is empty.

“Look, mom, no wings!” or maybe: “Hey, your camera cannot keep up with me!”

3 thoughts on “bottle joy

  1. trablogger says:

    Having that bird on in this picture adds a big element of interest. Especially the no wing part!

  2. Really smart.
    Oh I love my Hummers, all year round! I wondered if your Tictoc might be an Anna’s. I had one for a long time who made such a funny flying sound, a much deeper (and slower sounding) “whrrr”. Then, one time when he was perched and filling up, I discovered that one of his little wings was broken, sticking up in the air, all bent and funny. But he was around for a whole year! Amazing creatures they are!

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