This is NOT a brilliant photograph, but I am putting it up anyhow. This is Tictoc, one of the two regulars that come to the hummingbird feeder outside my window and a new part of our family. Tictoc is grooming in this shot. I still have not figured out what species of hummingbird, nor whether male or female, though we’re over gender anyhow, right?

When I go out the back door during the day, Tictoc makes a ticking sound. I imitate it. Tictoc will talk back and forth a bit and recognizes me now. Which hummingbird tics like that? The Broadtailed “trills with wings in flight”, so that is my current guess.

I chose Tictoc remembering the Oz books. What wonderful flights of imagination.

I will take more pictures. This is through the kitchen window. We have a suet feeder around the corner. The birds come to that in groups, because Tictoc and the other hummingbird are very territorial.

For the Daily Prompt: relate.


4 thoughts on “Tictoc

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  2. Well apparently I can’t find an email for you, but if you are open to that kind of exchange, here’s mine…

  3. I LOVE my Hummers. I feed them all year round and they are a delight. I might have guessed yours to be an Anna.

    Watch your email for a personal request…

    • drkottaway says:

      I listened to their song, but this one really makes a tictoc noise — I haven’t figured out if it is only using wings, though.

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