tree spot 7


Oh, there! This is a yellow crowned night heron. I also photographed a juvenile along Riverwalk, but this adult was in the busy section at 5 pm. About 30 feet up in a tree, but not otherwise hidden. There are ducks and pigeons and sparrows along Riverwalk, but it seems that the herons are thriving too. Bravo for this strip of nature that runs through the city like an oasis, winding among the streets.

4 thoughts on “tree spot 7

  1. Enjoyed reading both…the story and comments!

  2. shoreacres says:

    Generally speaking, I avoid the River Walk, as do most of my friends. But, there is good birdwatching there because of the water and the crumbs left by people, and once, Christmas before last, I met a fellow who was walking his miniature pig on a leash. The little pig couldn’t have been any larger than a guinea pig. It was amazing.

    • drkottaway says:

      Was I on your stomping grounds? I was staying about a mile from the conference center along a quiet part. I really enjoyed that in the evening and early morning. I think the busy touristy section would drive me a bit bats if I lived there, but it was nice even with fellow tourists to cool from the unfamiliar heat.

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