8 thoughts on “windows and doors

  1. I love the details on that building.


  2. Thank you for taking part in our challenge. I like the angle. Let me remind you to leave the link to your door by clicking on the blue frog button in my post, so that others can visit you too.

    • drkottaway says:

      I tried to link but my link has too many characters…..? how fix?

      • Too many characters has not been a problem yet. :) 1. Click on the blue frog in my post. 2. In the first field, paste the URL address of your door post in full (no matter how long it is). 3. In the second field, state the name of your blog (or your name). 4. In the third field, add your email address (it won’t be visible). 5. Click ‘Submit link’. Good luck!

      • drkottaway says:

        What comes up is in a different order: first box blank, second says URL (and that one has the character limit) and third asks for name. Apparently it remembers my email.

      • drkottaway says:

        There: I added things in the order you said and now it works, but the labeling doesn’t make sense…..

      • Yes, I know. :p But once you know the trick, you’re good. :) And your link works! Thanks!

      • drkottaway says:

        thank you!

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