I took this about a month ago, on an evening walk with my daughter. She is airborne: her feet are not quite touching. I have pictures of both my kids airborne at the beach. Water, wind, air, sky: I think that is their effect….

The new health care bill would cut medicaid by billions. That is our poorest Americans and most disabled. Is that how we make America great? Great for whom? Call Congress and say no….. Call again and again and again. They listen to money but in the end they need votes.

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  1. nothing to add but a gallow’s humor chuckle….

  2. You said it right. Right now , they are “courting” the money. Later on, they will start wooing us for the votes. An endless cycle perpetrated by the people. We will call and call. Whatever they decide, we won’t forget- well, hopefully most of us.

    • drkottaway says:

      There is hype about waste and fraud in medicare and medicaid…. but 20 cents of every dollar spent on private insurance goes to shareholders/profit/people on the phone refusing preauthorization….. and that is NOT waste and fraud?!? Medicare for all, one system, one set of rules and HEY SAME THING FOR CONGRESS, PUT THEM ON MEDICARE.

      • Well, some men and women, will forever be more equal than others. For the privileged, I guess the returns on investment ranks higher than other people’s lives on a list of priorities. The issues always boil down to the people who made them “privileged”.

        • drkottaway says:

          Guess I can’t press like because the topic makes me so angry and sad. When I think of medicaid and medicare and veterans struggling to get by on tiny incomes and poor access to health care and I get advertisements to be a cash only concierge doctor: I want to scream at the advertisers. Their mothers oughta discipline them.

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