D for Determined

Welcome again to 7 sins and friends, with a different feeling for each letter of the alphabet and that will barely scratch the surface of our rich human diversity….

D for determined.

1. having reached a decision: firmly resolved

2. resolute, staunch

I am determined in the picture. My friend B flew from the east coast for a three day weekend and we were determined to get to the wooden floor in my kitchen. The linoleum was easy, but underneath were squares of particle board, nailed around the edges at two inch intervals. We had two nail pullers, but one was far better than the other. We worked for as long as we could stand each day and by the time he left, we were finished! My back muscles complained for days about that nail pulling motion….


My son started violin in fourth grade. A classmate had been playing for longer and was better. He became competitive and determined to catch up with her. “You will have to practice a lot.” I said. He did and they were both concert masters as seniors….

What have you done when you were determined?

6 thoughts on “D for Determined

  1. Fabulous picture!!!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping to get determined to complete my third novel. I hope you are enjoying the challenge.
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Just before my 60th birthday I landed myself in hospital with high blood pressure and heart palpitations. After I was discharged I took stock of my health situation: I was 25 kg overweight, smoked 40 cigarettes a day, was short of breath and stressed out about everything. So I quit smoking (cold turkey), went on early retirement, started following a healthy diet and lost 20 kg. Last year I sold my house, moved to the coast and started walking on the beach. Now I walk every day, swim in the sea when the weather permits, eat like a horse (healthy foodstuffies only) and I am as fit as a fiddle. Yay for determination!

    • drkottaway says:

      hooray for determination! and change!! congratulations!… will you come convince a few of my other patients…….

  3. calensariel says:

    You know, after reading your two examples, I don’t think I’m very determined about anything. Except, perhaps, blogging. o_O Great picture! :D

    • drkottaway says:

      thank you! …though I’m not sure I would have stuck with the floor without the time pressure…..

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