Burning daylight

SoFarSoStu has tagged me for the three days, three quotations and tag three other people. This is day two.

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I learned this phrase from my friend Gary E. He and my then husband would go on week long bike tours. They often stayed in graveyards in small towns because there was a water source. They’d have to leave early because either someone would get annoyed or else the sprinklers would come on.

My husband said that as soon as it was light, Gary would say, “Burning daylight.” and they’d have to get up and ride.

I rode a four day tour with them twice, down the C & O Canal. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal runs from West Virginia into Georgetown, MD, 185 miles. If you start in West Virginia, you are riding along the canal very gently downhill all the way….

But “Burning Daylight” is older that that. Jack London’s most popular book in his lifetime, published in 1910, is Burning Daylight. It is about the Yukon Gold Rush. I haven’t read it…. yet. Now I need to ask Gary E. where he got the phrase. Films based on the book were made in  1914, 1920, 1928, and 2010. I’ve found the 2010 one… but I would like to read the book first.

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….I am burning night at the moment, up before the sun…..

I took the photo early in the morning at the ski area last week.