Many thanks for Blogging 101

The photo is the wrong season, you think. Well, yes, but I like it and I am putting it up as a thank you for the blogging 101 course. It has taught me a lot, I feel much more comfortable maneuvering around the wordpress sites, plus I have gotten to meet some wonderful people virtually! Hope to meet them in “meat-space” some day, or at least some of them.

I always enjoy getting this creche out. The other figures are paper mache and turned up this summer, and I thought they fit. They are much thinner than the three kings, and probably quite poor. I hope that they survived….

6 thoughts on “Many thanks for Blogging 101

  1. somemaid says:

    Its been an excellent course to be a part of. Glad I’ve discovered your site your posts are fascinating.:)

  2. trablog says:

    Glad to know that you are learning fast :)

  3. Shaun DCunha says:

    Yeah the course was pretty awesome. Learned quite a bit from it.

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