Linking social media

OOO, today’s assignment for Blogging 101: Plug in to social networks.
I am not ready to attach fully to Facebook, honestly.
I also lurk on Sermo, which is a supposedly “secure” site for physicians, though why anyone would imagine anything on the internet is secure… dunno. I have found advertising aimed at companies that want to reach doctors, saying advertise on Sermo. So I am a bit careful of what I do there. They offer prizes for doing surveys, but I figure that that information goes right to the pharmaceutical companies. I don’t participate in the surveys….I’ve written on everything2 since 2005, well, really didn’t do much until 2007, but anyhow….
Got a Facebook page, go to Linked in occasionally, and have email…. AUGH!! I don’t want to be too wired. Reminds me of when we got our pagers in medical school, third year. We were thrilled. That wore off pretty darn quickly on call. Also, I date back to voice pagers, then numerical pagers and now people can text…. change change change….

I will think about the Facebook connection, but I am not ready yet. Also, my teenage daughter says I share too much on Facebook anyhow. Particularly dance videos. I LOVE TO DANCE. Couples dancing since, well, since I was a 17 year old exchange student to Denmark…. and that’s another story.

Sunrise! A new day! More change!

14 thoughts on “Linking social media

  1. Elle Knowles says:

    Hahaha! ;) Share too much! My son thinks I share to much on Facebook – but only when it mentions him! ~Elle

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