More Seattle

In Seattle Monday afternoon the sun was out but it was not exactly warm. Probably 40s and starting to cool off by 3 pm as I walked around. The fountain was quite gorgeous in the sun. I like this picture, with the woman trying to lure the little girl a bit closer. Over an edge and on to the slope leading down to the fountain. The child wouldn’t quite go, until the adult got up and held her hand.

I want to try adding a second photo. seattle trip docs 123 Yes! In spite of the cool air, there was a person who went in the fountain! All of his friends cheered. I hope he had a towel and a change of clothes nearby….. I love fountains that are built to play in.

12 thoughts on “More Seattle

  1. Finding My Inner Zen says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle!

  2. trablog says:

    Space needle looks great :)

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