Rotary Pirates

I just read this:


Except I have not done a selfie that I actually like, and the last that I did was in a santa hat. It’s nearly February.

So, instead, I am posting my Rotary Pirates picture. We were selling hotdogs at the Wooden Boat Festival to raise money for our Sunrise Rotary Group. We present dictionaries to all the third graders in the county every year, help with the work to eradicate polio internationally, have an incoming and outgoing exchange student each year, meet every week and in general have a grand time. I had bought a pirate hat at the festival and we found various pirate stickers and eye patches and things among the hot dog stand supplies. We both put on head gear and started new barker language:

“Rotary Pirates! Get your Rotary Pirate Hotdogs! Real hotdogs four dollars! Virtual hotdogs for your avatar for five dollars!”
and so forth. It’s always interesting to see what makes people look up or stop. We were parked in front of the Legion, right outside the festival. The 20-something set tends to alert at the “virtual hotdogs” and study us if we say the word “avatar”, since clearly we are too elderly to know what that means. The kids look for pirates. Our age group looks up at the combination of Rotary and Pirates, since that is not their impression of the Rotary…..

So this is not a selfie. We handed someone our phones and had a hot dog stand photo taken. We had fun and raised funds.

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  1. Roz Hill says:

    Wonderful! You had fun too,love the hat! đź’š

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