Say yes

In the improv tryout
for Lark in the Park
Joey said

Say “yes” to everything

He said

It is easier to say “no”
But then the improv ends

He made us try
Saying “no” to everthing

Each skit was a fight

He made us try
Saying “yes” to everything


We bloomed

And is that it?
All the Beloved wants?

He said that you learn
To say things
Without a question
With a hint
With an idea
With a suggestion
And the other actor responds

I’ve noticed
People don’t respond well
When I say
Don’t do that

I have to learn
To lead
Without leading
To suggest
To let them choose
To change their path
It doesn’t work
To drive them
Another idea

Say “yes” to everything

Is that what the Beloved wants?

I say “yes”

published on everything2 August 2009