It has been horrible to have the zombies take over cities, but the surprise has been color. The zombies love color and it mesmerizes them. We all carried paints and spray paint and brushes for the zombies at first. Hand a zombie any paint and they won’t bite you! People quickly realized that the more brightly we color everything, the less chance of being bitten. Now our clothes are rainbows of riotous color, black suits gone forever. There are now well known zombie artists, hired to brighten and decorate nearly anything.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: zombie.

7 thoughts on “Colorful

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  2. Lou Carreras says:

    Rapidly! Have you ever seen a Zombie on Medicare? It’s sad. Young and restless, looking for brains one year, and just falling apart the next. Medical science has failed in finding a cure for the equivalent of progeria in the zombie population.

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    Nice solution to an age old problem!

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