Goal achieved!

I am Elwha, cat.

I achieved an item from my bucket list today! My first prey!

I am in the cat cage in the wild outside. Mother opens the window some days. It has been cold and wet, but I go out anyhow. This time I see movement. I freeze and slowly stalk it. My hunt is successful and I make my catch. I squeeze through the door and carry it to the kitchen.

I put it down. I hope it will run, but it is slow. Still alive, though. Mother notices and admires it. I would let her eat it. She doesn’t take it.

Mother is proud, too. I hear her tell the phone “Elwha caught his first worm!”

I taste the worm but I am not that hungry. I left it but it was gone later. Maybe mother got hungry after all.

I bet I can catch more for her!

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: bucket list.

6 thoughts on “Goal achieved!

  1. Perpetua says:

    I was hoping Mother saved the worm.

  2. lois says:

    Maybe mother got hungry after all–ha! Definitely thoughts of a cat. Love this.

    • drkottaway says:

      Thank you. Elwha is not quite two, so he has not got tons of experience with prey, other than his sister.

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