Daily Evil: Cranky

I am a Creaky Cranky Crone with Crepitus this morning. I volunteered at the Swinging on the Sound dance weekend. I was not going to dance, because of my right shoulder. But, well, my feet were fine, so I did the basic. Then in the last class, there were more “follows” than “leads”. I thought, well, my left arm works. I jumped in, explaining that I couldn’t use the right arm. Switching from “follow” to “lead”, I have to reverse the foot work. The instructor did not know about my arm and scolded the class for some people not dancing in the closed position. That was me. Oh, well.

So I am not VERY cranky. I am really delighted that I got to dance and practiced the basic step for collegiate shag.

The woman in the picture is not a Creaky Cranky Crone. It is my grandmother Katherine White Burling, drawn from a photograph by my mother Helen Burling Ottaway. This is an 18 by 24 drawn with I think conte crayon. Apologies for the reflection, I am photographing through glass.

And here is a photograph from one of the collegiate shag classes, on Saturday. People of all genders danced both lead and follow. One person did the contest as an amateur follower and an advanced lead. Good for them!

4 thoughts on “Daily Evil: Cranky

  1. Shoulders — after the fall I experienced 2 years ago that messed up my rotator cup, I find my left hand is shaky unless it’s doing something. And cranky? It’s the first sign I have that I’m coming down with something.

  2. curioussteph says:

    Nothing like an aching body part to cranky up us crones. The dancing looks like a lot of fun! Recovering from shoulder surgery some years back, I realized that cranky was often my first clue that I was in pain.

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