I am Elwha, cat.

My mother has changed. For the first year she fed us many times a day, but now she is nefarious. She left for three weeks and a man came in daily. He fed us but less generously. She now feeds us twice a day and less than in the past.

I make offering to the gods in hopes of more food, that the gods will influence my mother and turn her good again.

I place the mouse effigy in my bowl. A mouse would be delicious and if alive it would be delightful fun as well! We watch the birds out the windows and long to catch them.

There is no response from Mother or the gods.

I try again.

Another mouse, a symbol of technology, that sponge that she removes fur from furniture. Mother seems to love technology and will not let me lie on the warm keyboard. She lets me have this technological marvel. I have chewed it but it is not nutritious and gives me nothing. There are wires inside. It is fun for play but not edible.

I will wait and hope that the gods influence my mother and that more food is forthcoming.


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: nefarious.

8 thoughts on “DIY FUD

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  2. I suggest more classically feline passive aggressiveness and less creative means of communication. Maybe this is too obscure for her inferior human brain to comprehend.

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    Our family cat feels your pain, and suggests that you consider unionization. she of course is the shop steward and Business agent of her local Teamsters. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is powerful. Your mother will be embarrassed by the picket line around the house. also boycott purrs, and show her the tail when she’s asks for affection. she’ll learn fast enough who the real bosses are!

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