pink rose

This rose has only one bloom so far this year. This rose came from Portland. A friend of mine bought a house and said he was digging up the yard for all edibles. “What about the roses?” I ask. “You want them?” “Yes.” So this rose arrived in a plastic bag with two others. One has died and two remain. The other one has not bloomed yet. Travel shock of this sort seems to last for years.

But I am delighted with this rose. I want to spoil it and fuss over it. I love roses.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

One thought on “pink rose

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I love my ‘wild roses’ that survive my ‘black thumb of death/neglectful gardener ways’, but sigh, multiple attempts to ‘transplant’ with overseeing care from my Green Thumb mama, the yellow, homestead roses, from her place of 40 years, to mine (10 miles apart!) failed, before she sold the ranch – but….the empty lot to south of me, has them – – and….they have seedlings that have ALMOST grown through the bar ditch up to the ‘right of way’ zone – I asked the man maintaining it, 2 years ago, if I could ‘harvest’ some seedlings in the bar ditch (on ‘private property side of ditch) and he said, his would ask his mother in law, and get back with me – – so sigh – still…awaiting, to put what’ve ‘learned’ since failed attempts from Mom’s garden before sale, to ‘waiting for nature to spread the bounty, and to ‘wild harvest’ some babies…. :D

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