wear and tear

B and I have been walking the beaches a lot since we returned from our trips in January.

We are noticing how much the beach changes daily. The high winter tides wash sand out and back in. Some days the beach is covered with pebbles and some days it is smooth sand. The boulders move and the cliffs do too.

With the heavy rains this year, sections of cliff collapse. We have both edged closer to the water when we see sections of sand and clay that have fallen: some are as large as a car or larger. We would not survive if that fell on us.

Trees hang on for as long as they can, but they fall too.

We also see root systems exposed when a section of the cliff falls and know that those trees are struggling to survive.

We are debilitated by the length of the pandemic, but going out walking every day, watching birds and trees and the beach change, the eagles flirting, the seals peering out of the water, this renews me. I hope you have a place to walk.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: debilitating.

4 thoughts on “wear and tear

  1. I wrote about life-saving “walks” this morning also.
    Your post was great and reminds me how much I love walking on your same beaches, but it’s been a while now. Have to get up there soon.

  2. I have learnt that there are parts of the UK, that are changing the shape. Metres are lost every year to erosion. Climate change is making things worse. There is a town called Happisburg, which has soft rock, and clay. There have been sea defences, but they have failed, and the money has run out to stop it. Climate change is real.

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