Travelers, be careful, says the moon. Mask up, wash your hands, be kind, be brave. Try not to spread nor acquire new infection. This is a twitchy itchy scratchy moon, saying, “Be careful and have care for others.”

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: twitch.

7 thoughts on “Moon

  1. Well said.

    Dr Kottaway, may I ask. is there such thing as seasonal insomnia or a type of insomnia that only comes on at certain times of the year?

    • drkottaway says:

      I would have to look up whether there is a specific name for that. But yes… It could be from plants at this time.of year or turning the heat on (old dust,) or something from the past: a PTSD thing.

      • Thank you for you answer I appreciate it.

        Through my WordPressing the last 3 years I’ve noticed I get Insomnia at the beginning of November for a couple a weeks every year. It’s so strong nothing reverses it until it’s ready. It was 17 days this year.

        • drkottaway says:

          Weird. I had a person who would get migraines at the end of June… we checked and she had come in three years in a row. We thought maybe it was the scotch broom blooming. Or some plant. She planned to try to block it with antihistamines the next year.

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