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For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: language.

I spent three days with the Rotary President Elect Training this past weekend. I am part of District 5020, which stretches from the end of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada down the Olympic Peninsula, WA, United States. There were people from ten districts.

The Rotary’s Polio Plus program is working hard to eradicate polio. This year the match from the Gates Foundation will be 2 dollars for every dollar the Rotary brings to end polio.

The flags from all the different countries and people working together: that speaks the language of peace and hope to me.

2 thoughts on “many flags

  1. shoreacres says:

    One of my most vivid memories from childhood is of standing in line at our town’s high school to receive a dose of polio vaccine on a sugar cube. We had lived with closed swimming pools and crippled classmates — not to mention the horror of iron lungs.

    When I worked with maternal-child health clinics in Liberia, one of our primary objectives was vaccination: albeit for measles, not polio. The saying in the country at the time was, “Don’t name your child until the measles has passed.” The mortality rate in the under-fives was 50% or greater. When I read about today’s anti-vaxxers, my rage knows no end. If I ever can get it under control, I’ll write about the issue.

    • drkottaway says:

      Please do write about it, because it is still an issue. The county with a measles outbreak in Washington State now has a 500% increase in measles vaccination. Parents realizing that even though measles is eradicated in the US, it is still present in the world and can come in to the US. They are endangering their children and anyone on cancer treatment or with immune problems.

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