snow day

I am having a snow day. It snowed yesterday! Schools are closed and the roads are ice and it was 25 degrees when I walked into clinic. Clinic is cold and power and phones and computers are all out.

Now I have power back but internet is iffy. I have cancelled today’s patient. Some are 45 minutes or an hour away on good roads! We only have an inch of snow but the people north of me are reporting 6-8 inches. I have called people about tomorrow as well. Clinic will proceed if we have power and heat, but the people an hour away are cancelling. The weather forecast is that it will freeze at night all week, which is unusual here.

I am less than a mile from clinic and have ski clothes, so I should be able to get in unless we have an ice storm. We have paper files for back up so I could find phone numbers even with the power out. All except one new patient and now I’ve tracked that one down. We also have a battery lantern because the bathroom is really really dark with the power out. No windows.

I took the photograph last night. My ornamental plums were budding. I don’t know how happy they will be with a week of freezing weather!

2 thoughts on “snow day

  1. shoreacres says:

    I’m really surprised by your snow. We do get snow and ice occasionally, but it’s generally less than an inch of snow, and the midwesterners who’ve moved down here hoot and holler at us trying to cope. Of course, no one has shovels or snow tires or any experience driving on the stuff, so it can be quite a scene. Sorry about the cold — I hope things are getting back to normal — especially with the power.

    • drkottaway says:

      Power came back on in clinic before I left. But I left the taps with a slight drip just in case.

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