J is for joy

J is for joy.

Do you feel joy sometimes? Are you joyous? Joyful?

From Webster 1913: The passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good; pleasurable feelings or emotions caused by success, good fortune, and the like, or by a rational prospect of possessing what we love or desire; gladness; exhilaration of spirits; delight.

From dictionary.com: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

I took the photograph two weekends ago. My daughter was racing, category 2 mountain bike race, three laps, four miles each. I was walking the course backwards with a friend. We had to be alert and step off the path every time a rider was coming. There were around 100 riders in category 2, all ages, men and women. We stopped to take photographs and cheer for everyone and especially our team!

A rider on the first lap had an asthma attack from all the pollen, and we walked him back out. I walked the bike while he concentrated on breathing. We stopped again to take pictures and then he could ride out. I walked on, listening for bikes, and there were trillium along the path….

I don’t think I can feel joy unless I also admit grief and all of the other feelings. It’s like weather, emotions come and go and may or may not feel like they make sense. If we refuse a feeling, it just seems to get stronger and rather panicky and keep bothering us…. until we treat it like the guest in Rumi’s poem.

Grief comes, and can be sweeping our mind clean for a new joy.

7 thoughts on “J is for joy

  1. Miss Andi says:

    Jót is a beautiful feeling, can be fleeting or steady but I think it’s always about being in that moment completely.
    I love that picture. Kids are very good at being in the moment.

    Andrea from Music & Words blog
    Volunteer in Damyanti’s D Company #atozchallenge

  2. calensariel says:

    I love Rumi. He can say so much in so few words. I thought about your post for a few minutes sitting here. I think the thing that keeps me from experiencing more joy in my life is not being very good at living in the moment. I seem always to be distracted by the past or the future. You can’t RECEIVE a PRESENT and have JOY if you’re not in the right place at the right time. (Don’t know if that makes sense. — It’s 6:50 a.m. No coffee yet. Not runnin’ on all cylinders!).

    • drkottaway says:

      I find joy and all other emotions not very predictable or logical! I had a nightmare this morning about failing a test and woke up worried about organizing and paperwork…. but then writing gives me such joy and so does clinic! …. except when I am furious at an insurance company or medical fraud… so emotions don’t behave logically… heh, which is why they are emotions.

  3. smikg says:

    I completely agree with you on denying feelings – it’s true, they only get worse. What a beautiful sentiment, how grief comes in to wipe the slate clean for new joy. So lovely :)

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    I must give Kudos to http://www.drkottaway.com for catching my soul and adding to my joy today. This is a #SurvivorWOW

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