Convalesce in style

This post is for my cousin, who is convalescing. She is showing the classic convalescent improvement sign beloved by all physicians in that she is already impatient with the pace of healing.

I took the photo last week when I was downtown and The Palace Hotel had a sign inviting everyone to walk around. It is a fabulous 1889 building and is full of amazing rooms and furniture. I have stayed there once, in the Captain Tibbels room.

This fainting couch is on the second floor common area. I picture my cousin lying on the couch in a period glamorous dress, with a handkerchief and smelling salts. Or if that is too romantic, she could wear steampunk style, as she convalesces…..

One thought on “Convalesce in style

  1. :) Warm thoughts of convalescing in antique beauty.

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