yep, yep, yep

My daughter and two friends and schoolmates at Mount Saint Helens at the end of eighth grade. And what do you think is happening? Present, facing the speaker, yep, it’s a teacher going over the rules. Let’s get on with it. We know the rules. Face forward, mind might be elsewhere.

Setting up camp.

picnic table in the woods with containers to set up camp
Group camp at St. Helen’s
shelters tied over tents for rain protection.
rain preparation
Teachers and annoying parent chaperones with cameras
Teachers and annoying parent chaperones with cameras
8th grade audience at park
audience for each other
Seven 8th grade girls performing a song they made up.
group song

All taken in 2012 on the end of the year 8th grade trip to Mount St. Helens, to get the students together before starting high school. Huge thanks again to the teachers, the parents and the teens too.

Mount St Helen's
Mount St Helens

4 thoughts on “yep, yep, yep

  1. I love this and it makes me think of a quick story. My grandson was born on Mt St Helen’s day. Sixteen this coming May 18th. For several years now, not in a row, we have planned a trip South to see (and walk and hike) his Birthday Mountain. The years we have gone, it has been completely fogged in and there was absolutely no sign of a mountain. The years we have not gone, it is supposedly out, in all its glory, at least on the news and weather reports! Our family joke is–there actually was a walk on the moon, a Holocaust and there is a Big Foot and there have been many real Close Encounters, but the whole Mount St. Helen’s thing is fake. 😉

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